We offer the materials for the upholster furniture:

1. Non-woven material spunbond is used for sheathing upholstered furniture backs, bedding boxes. It may be from 15 gr/m2 to 100 gr/m2 and of various colours. Sold in rolls.

2. Siliconized pellets are used for padding furniture armrests and backs as well as for stuffing pillows. The thread length of siliconized pellets is 64 mm, they are twisted into balls, which has the ability to recover into their primary position after squeezing. Sold in bags of 20 - 25 kg.

3. Sheet wadding is used in the manufacture of mattresses and is also applied on the foam rubber. We offer sheet wadding of 350 g/m2, white colour, made ​​of cotton and 20% of linen. The roll width is 1500 mm. Sold in rolls, a piece of 30 m/.

4. Ground foam rubber is used in the pillows of upholstered furniture. Sold in bags of 10-12 kg.

5. We also offer foam rubber in sheets of different densities and thicknesses on reservation.

6. Non-woven, heat-strengthened puffy material, synthepone. Synthepone can be from 60 to 350 gr/m2. It is widely used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture for armrests, backs, etc. Sold in rolls. The roll width is 1600 mm, other widths are possible on reservation.

7. Non-woven, thermo-fixed, reinforced material, felt. We offer felt from 300 g/m2 to 600gr/m2. The roll width is 2000 mm, length 50 m/, other dimensions are possible. Felt is applied on spring units of upholstered furniture as well as in spring mattresses.


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