For garment industry


We offer the materials for the garment industry.

1. Non-woven, heat-strengthened puffy material, synthepone. Synthepone is used in the garment industry for blankets and coverlets, special clothes and stuffed toys, etc. Synthepone can be from 60 to 350 gr/m2. Sold in rolls. The roll width is 1600 mm. On reservation, we may deliver rolls up to 2200 mm width.

2. Siliconized pellets. The pellets are used for the production of pillows, stuffed toys, infant security systems. The thread length of siliconized pellets is 64 mm, they are twisted into balls, which has the ability to recover into their primary position after squeezing. Non-combustible pellets may be delivered on reservation. Sold in bags of 20 - 25 kg.

3. Sheet wadding is used in blankets. It is of white colour, made of cotton and 20% of linen. The roll width is 1500 mm, length 30 m/. Sold in rolls.

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